Roll up Mats

Rollable Tatami for meditation and sports and recreational disciplines

Online sale of Tatami Judo Rollable ideal for multipurpose gyms and itinerant courses, where you need to move the carpets quickly and practically. High quality Made in Italy products, compliant with regulations, ideal for sports clubs, schools, gyms or for private use.

Tatami Roll Mat - MR4
The rolled Tatami combines the essential features in order to have a quality product that is, at the same time, easy to assemble. The product is a roll of expanded cellular polyethylene, monodensity PVC-coated, as required by tradition. Free of phthalates, its surface has a uniform appearance, excellent comfort and excellent anti-slip / anti-burning. The roll has got a set of cuts on the back that allow it to roll all over the length, so, in a little time, you can stretch the Tatami. The modules are bound together by an adhesive PVC band.
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